LPS Health

A non-profit health organization for South-Asians

Free Health Info & Network for Individuals with Metabolic Disorders

Introduction to LPS Health

The Problem

We have a global healthcare problem in our community – we do not have access to LPS physicians within our community. In the United States, the LPS community has a limited number of physicians; however, in India, there are no physicians within our community residing in our region, which spans from Vapi to Taapi (including the towns Navsari and Bardoli).

​This new organization is created with the purpose to promote trustworthy news around health issues and build a network of healthcare providers from within our community for generations to come.

Helping South-Asians Worldwide

Health Advice & Screening Program

Free 24/7 access to healthcare advice and the program for heart screening, pre-diabetes control and weight loss.

Student Mentorship Program

Helping students in the USA & India interested in healthcare with career advice.

Community Service & Outreach

Access to healthcare for the poor and financial help for education needs.

LPS Physician Network

Creation of a trustworthy group of highly qualified gujarati speaking doctors in India and in the USA.


What they are saying about us

Dr. Khushal P. Desai
Mr. Rishi Kapoor

CEO, Nirali Hospital

Dr. Rajan Sethji
Mr. Devin Patel

NRI Patient from USA

Dayton, OHIO, USA


Emergency Cardiac Ambulance Now Available

There is a 24/7 Emergency Cardiac Ambulance with around the clock ACLS certified physicians now available in the Bardoli and Navsari area. The ambulance has a Ventilator, Cardiac Defibrillator, ECG Monitors, Oxygen and all emergency medications needed to stabilize a patient having a sudden heart attack 


To create an international health resource for the LPS community so that all members can have access to honest, trustworthy healthcare, while helping students interested in healthcare and providing charitable vital services to the most in need.


To connect patients and students with trustworthy doctors and hospitals in the USA, India and the rest of the world so that any patient with a question about their health and any student interested in a career in healthcare can get in touch with those that are qualified and willing to help​. With this, our goal is to inspire members to help others less fortunate in all matters relating to health and wellness.