Community Outreach and Charity Programs

We have a two-fold approach to outreach focused on taking care of the poor and indigent population in India with free access to basic healthcare needs. This will be accomplished by participating in and creating a trustworthy steam of services offered by use of donated funds. These funds will flow through LPS health which is a 501C non-profit based out of the USA where all donated monies will qualify for appropriate tax deductions. Funds will be disseminated to appropriate healthcare camps and individuals in need where quality and trustworthy care can be verified by selected and credentialed “LPS Health Physicians”. Our second outreach program will be focused on creating educational funds for poor students in India interested in pursuing careers in healthcare. This will be accomplished by way of using donated funds to pay for schooling and will involve an interactive Student to Donor Program called, “The Mera Student Program”. The goal of this program will be to connect donors to students directly so that donors get to know the students they are supporting and get a first-hand understanding how much impact their donated monies are having. Also, this program allows for complete transparency with respect to the donor always knowing how their donated monies are being used. Most importantly, the program is designed to foster human bonding between those wanting to help and those in need while bridging different worlds for both participants in the most meaningful manner possible.

Dr. Kamal Morar
Explains Healthcare Camp in Village
Dr. Khushal P. Desai
Program Director for Healthcare Camp (Gujarati)

Patient Testimonial
Mobile Vision Examinations