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Testimonial of Dr. Rahul Rabari

Internal Medicine & Critical Care Physician

Bardoli, Gujarat

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Our goal for LPS Health organization in the United States and in India is to create a network of healthcare providers, who speak Gujarati and are able and willing to help other members in the community, in receiving accurate information on healthcare questions both here in the United States as well as in India. Many may not realize that the LPS community has over 6,000 families (30,000 people) residing here in the United States and many of these families still struggle with gaining access to proper healthcare. Oftentimes when the members of our community visit physicians, they do not understand the information being provided and therefore have a difficult time making decisions. Additionally, many of our community members do not have healthcare insurance which further creates problems, especially while having urgent healthcare issues. We have so many large and successful organizations within our community, such as the AAHOA organization, the LPS Samaj organization, in addition to the very popular and large volleyball associations and golf groups throughout the country. Our goal is to engage these organizations in disseminating healthcare information while creating a network so that every member can get access to information as needed. As we are now connected with advanced healthcare organizations and hospitals, such as the Nirali Hospital in Navsari and the Om Sai Hospital in Bardoli, all members living in the USA can help any of their relatives gain access to high-quality and trustworthy care in India.

One 2 Ka 4 Heart Screening Program

This is a comprehensive 3 phase screening and treatment program to identify high risk Indians so that early deaths secondary to heart disease can be prevented

  • Heart Imaging
  • Pre-Diabetes Evaluation
  • Weight Loss Program

Indians are more at risk than any other people on the planet because of a poor genetic history created by the 200 years of British occupation of India which killed millions of Indians by starvation and now has put them at risk of early heart disease and deaths.

  • 50% of all babies died before age 5
  • Life expectancy dropped to less than 20
  • We are all survivors from babies that survived while starving during this time
  • This created an addiction for sugar for Indians = Survival Mechanism
  • Indians became high insulin producers to help store energy (fat)
  • The mechanism that helped Indians survive is now killing them

Introduction to One 2 ka 4 program