Kamal Morar
Vascular Interventional Physician and Healthcare Philanthropist

Kunal Patel
Business Development | Strategic-Partnerships | Non-Profits

Dimple Joshi
MD (A.M.), PA-C
Medical Operations Clinical Quality Director & Medical Consultant

The goal of this program is to create an elite group of dedicated physicians that are vetted by Dr. Morar and other trusted physicians to create a network of trusted physicians in the Bardoli/Navsari area. These physicians will be invited to join the network based on their medical knowledge and experience as well as their reputation for providing honest and trustworthy care. More importantly, these are physicians who are deeply passionate about humanity and treating patients in the most ethical manner possible with a focus on good outcomes. These are also physicians who have made a commitment to live in the Navsari/Bardoli area to serve the community in which they live.

Dr. Rahul Rabari
Internal Medicine &
Critical Care Physician

Bardoli, Gujarat

Dr. Jevin Jameria
Invasive Cardiologist

Nirali Hospital, Navsari, Gujarat

(Only Cardiologist residing in Navsari/Bardoli)

Dr. Rajan Sethji

General Physician,

Navsari, Gujarat.

Dr. Khushal P. Desai

CEO, Om Sai Ram Cardiac Multi-Speciality Hospital,

Bardoli, Gujarat.

Dr. Hardik Patel

Optometrist, Patel Optical Mart,

Bardoli, Gujarat.

Dr. Soham Raut

General & Laparoscopic Surgeon, Nirali Multi-Speciality Hospital

Navsari, Gujarat.

Dr. Chinmay Shah

Radiologist, New Image Point

Navsari, Gujarat.